2nd January 2019 with GERBERA

🌸Basic of Gerbera-

Gerbera flowers are cultivated all over the world and are widely popular as ‘DECORATIVE’ plant. The flowers are used in making bouquets and for various decoration purposes. Commonly called AFRICAN DAISY or GERBERA DAISY, the flowers are very much in demand as they can last for a long period of time without losing any freshness. This is why; the flowers are widely used in weddings, parties, and functions & many more event.

Talking about the history – Gerbera belongs to the family of Asteraceae. They are brilliantly colored flowers with a golden center bordered by petals such that the petals seem like rays. Hence its arrangement is also called ‘RAY PETALS’. Botanically, it is identified as Gerbera.

jamesonii because it was founded by ROBERT JAMESON while traveling around the SOUTH AFRICAN region of Barberton.

__Thank You🙏


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